Rupali Monthly Benefit for Senior Citizens (RMBSC)


  • Rupali Monthly Benefit for Senior Citizens is a monthly earning deposit scheme. This scheme has the highest interest rate in the market right now. This scheme is offered by Rupali Bank Limited as a social responsibility where the senior citizens can earn monthly with the highest interest rate offered by any bank. This is fixed type deposit scheme where customer will receive monthly benefit in his/her settlement account. Emergency Loan facility is available in this scheme. Joint account opening is possible (both over 60 years or above).


  • Interest Rate: 8.00% Fixed
  • Fixed Type Deposit Scheme
  • Only for Customers Aged 60 and above
  • Monthly Basis Interest Payment to Settlement Account
  • Monthly Payment BDT 666.67 per 1.00 Lac
  • Deposit Bracket: BDT 1.00 Lac and its Multiplier, Max BDT 50.00 Lac Per Account
  • Free Cheque Book (First Time) and Free Debit Card (First Issue) for the Settlement Account

Required Documents

  • National ID Card (NID)/Passport/Birth Certificate with proper validation of Account Holder and Nominee
  • TIN Certificate (optional)
  • 2 Passport Size picture for the Account Holder and 1 Passport Size picture of the Nominee

Terms and Conditions

  • 60 Years or older any Bangladeshi Citizen with a sane mind
  • Nominee information is a must
  • Account holder must have/open a settlement account before opening this account
  • Demise of account holder before maturity will end the scheme. Other account holder (in joint account case)/Nominee can claim the money with proper documents (pre-mature encashment rule applied)
  • Govt taxes applicable