Rupali Millionaire Deposit Scheme(RMDS)


  • Rupali Millionaire Deposit Scheme is a monthly installment based deposit scheme. The scheme guarantees minimum 10 Lac taka (before tax) upon maturity with flexible installment amount and tenure. This scheme has a very attractive high interest rate and the flexibility to deposit the installment at any day of the month. Even if any customer fails to submit 02 (two) consecutive installments, he/she can still continue the scheme with a very small penalty in the third month. This account can be opened in Joint Name as well as in favor of Minor where Father/Mother Legal Guardian will operate the account till the Minor reaches 18 years.


  • Interest Rate: 7.50% Compounding
  • Monthly Installment Based Deposit Scheme
  • Maturity: 05 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years
  • Deposit the installment at any day of the month
  • Confirmation of installment deposit through Free SMS Alert
  • Emergency Loan facility against the deposit amount
  • Monthly installments : o BDT 14,100/- for 05 years o BDT 5,900/- for 10 years o BDT 3,250/- for 15 years o BDT 2,000/- for 20 years

Required Documents

  • National ID Card (NID)/Passport/Birth Certificate with proper validation of Account Holder and Nominee
  • TIN Certificate (optional)
  • 2 Passport Size picture for the Account Holder and 1 Passport Size picture of the Nominee

Terms and Conditions

  • 18 Years or older any Bangladeshi Citizen with a sane mind
  • Account can be opened in the name of minors and Father/Mother/Legal guardian will operate the account
  • Nominee information is a must
  • Account holder must have/open a settlement account before opening this account
  • Demise of account holder/any of the account holders before account maturity will result in a shutdown of account immediately effective from the day of passing away. Nominee can claim the money with proper documents (Pre-mature encashment rule will be applied)
  • Govt taxes applicable