Rupali Senior Citizen Savings Account (RSCSS)


  • Rupali Senior Citizen Savings Account is a specialized savings account for the senior citizens of our society. It has a attractive interest rate along with many free services.


  • Interest Rate: Savings Account Interest Rate + 1%
  • Only for Customers Aged 60 and above
  • Rules as like General Savings Account
  • Free Cheque Book (First Time) and Free Debit Card (First Issue)

Required Documents

  • National ID Card (NID)/Passport/Birth Certificate with proper validation of Account Holder and Nominee
  • TIN Certificate (optional)
  • 2 Passport Size picture for the Account Holder and 1 Passport Size picture of the Nominee

Terms and Conditions

  • 60 Years or older any Bangladeshi Citizen with a sane mind
  • Nominee information is a must
  • Govt taxes applicable