Rupali Double Benefit Scheme(RDBS)


  • Rupali Double Benefit Scheme is a fixed deposit based scheme. This scheme will double the deposit amount (before tax) in just 10 years. This scheme has a very high interest rate and emergency loan facility is available for account holder. Organizations can open this scheme as well. Even if account holder passes away before maturity of the scheme, nominee can wait for the scheme to mature and enjoy the full benefit. Minors can open this account jointly with their legal guardian.


  • Interest Rate: 7.20% Compounding
  • Fixed Type Deposit Scheme
  • Maturity: 10 Years. Double your money in 10 years
  • Amount Bracket: BDT 1.00 Lac and its Multiplier
  • Emergency Loan facility against the deposit amount

Required Documents

  • National ID Card (NID)/Passport/Birth Certificate with proper validation of Account Holder and Nominee
  • TIN Certificate (optional)
  • 2 Passport Size picture for the Account Holder and 1 Passport Size picture of the Nominee

Terms and Conditions

  • 18 Years or older any Bangladeshi Citizen with a sane mind
  • Any organization with By-Law, Article of Association or Committee Decision to open such account
  • Account can be opened in the name of minors jointly with Father/Mother/Legal guardian
  • Nominee information is a must
  • Account holder must have/open a settlement account before opening this account
  • Demise of account holder before maturity will not end the scheme. Other account holder (in joint account case)/Nominee can wait till the maturity and enjoy full benefit. Or, nominee can claim the money instantly (pre-mature rules applied)
  • Govt taxes applicable