Bank At a Glance


Rupali Bank Ltd. was constituted with the merger of 3 (three) erstwhile commercial banks i.e. Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd., Australasia Bank Ltd. and Standard Bank Ltd. operated in the then Pakistan on March 26, 1972 under the Bangladesh Banks (Nationalization) Order 1972 (P.O. No. 26 of 1972), with all their assets, benefits, rights, powers, authorities, privileges, liabilities, borrowings and obligations. Rupali Bank worked as a nationalized commercial bank till December13, 1986. Rupali Bank Ltd. emerged as the largest Public Limited Banking Company of the country on December 14, 1986.

Present Capital Structure ::

Authorized Capital : Tk. 7000 million (US$ 88.66 million)
Paid up Capital : Tk. 2760.39 million (US$ 35.39 million)

Break up of paid up Capital ::

Government shareholding : 90.19%
Private shareholding : 09.81 %

Present Share Structure ::

Total Number of share (Each TK 10) : 276038812
Share Demated by shareholders as on 25.07.2016 : 275452502

Financial Statement ::

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Number of Branches :: 586

Rupali Bank operates through 586 branches. It is linked to its foreign correspondents all over the world.

Number of Employees ::

The total number of employees is 7080.

Chief Executive ::

The Bank is headed by the Managing Director & CEO who is a reputed professional Banker.